Monday, February 23, 2009

[catAP] KSC-5601 PDU Parser - Beta Release

Application Name: KSC-5601 PDU Parser
Version: Beta Release
Type: Windows console and html output file
16-bit version (Click here will bring you to MSN Sky Driver)
32-bit Version for NTVDM issue

This free software is written by Winnie and it can parse KSC-5601 encoded PDU. Please paste KSC-5601 encoded PDU onto the windows console and click enter. And please find the output in the same folder named “result.html”


この無料ソフトウェアはKSC-5601でエンコードしたPDUをハングルに変換いたします。KSC-5601 PDUをDOSに貼り付けてから[Enter]をクリックすると、result.htmlという結果表示ファイルは同フォルダに生成されます。

Knowm issue:
[20090226] DOS window can not be opened in certain case.

Test Data:
Test case 1: (Normal case contains Korean, English and Digits.)
3031302D343935302D3930313420B4D4C0C720C4FCBAB8 C0CCBDBAB0A120BCD2B8AEBBF9BFA120C0FAC0E5B5C6BDC0 B4CFB4D92EC3BBC3EB2A383920

Test case 2 (It can accept data from QXDM Raw Item view.):
30 31 30 2D 34 39 35 30 2D 39 30 31 34 20 B4 D4 C0 C7 20 C4 FC BA B8 C0 CC BD BA B0 A1 20 BC D2 B8 AE BB F9 BF A1 20 C0 FA C0 E5 B5 C6 BD C0 B4 CF B4 D9 2E C3 BB C3 EB 2A 38 39 20