Saturday, August 09, 2008

[Italy 2007] 威尼斯水岸/維修建築壁畫

撮影日付:21st July 2007
撮影場所:Venezia, Italy. (イタリア)
機材:EOS Kiss digital + EF 24-70mm

Cat bookmarks of MSDN
[2008SEP22 MON]
GetOpenFileName (Function)
[2008SEP03 WED]
MapWindowPoints (Function)
TPMPARAMS (struct for TrackPopupMenuEx)
[2008AUG30 SAT]
SetScrollInfo (Function)
[2008AUG28 THU]
SIZE (struct)
GetTextExtentPoint (function)

[C++ Basic Concept lab]
- compiler adjusts out-of-range unsigned int.
Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
using namespace std;

int main( )
unsigned int UINT1=256*256*256*256+1;
unsigned int UINT2=256*256*256*256-1;
unsigned int minusUINT=-1;

cout << "UINT1 is " << UINT1 << endl;
cout << "UINT2 is " << UINT2 << endl;
cout << "minusUINT is " << minusUINT << endl;

return 0;
UINT1 is 1
UINT2 is 4294967295
minusUINT is 4294967295

Name in C++ might have either
☆ global scope; or
☆ local scope; or
☆ statement scope

[C++ Basic Concept Test--20080831]
// enumulations.
// if special value is not assigned, increased by 1 each time.
//The default value of the first one is zero.
enum chinaYear {mouse=1, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, pig};
cout<<"doc year is "<<dog<<endl;
// Demo two way of initialzation
int catD (28); // direct-initialization
int catC = 32; // copy-initialization
cout<<"(direct-initializtoin) catD= "<<catD<<endl;
cout<<"(copy-initializtoin) catC= "<<catC<<endl;

doc year is 11
(direct-initializtoin) catD= 28
(copy-initializtoin) catC= 32