Thursday, August 07, 2008

[catAP] IMEI Check Digit Generator

Version Number: v1.0.4
Release Date: 2008 OCT 19th
Download: Click Here (NOT right click then save)
OS: Windows XP
How to use:
1) Invoke the exe on the PC. It is an MS-DOS interface AP.
2) Input the IMEI you have (14 digits) and click [enter]. It will generate the checking digit.
3) If you want to generate more IMEI with CD (totally 15 digits) base on the IMEI input in step 2, please key in the amount you need.
4) If you don’t need, click n or just close the AP.

Sample Screenshot:
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Application Name: catIMEI (first release)
Download: Click Here (NOT right click then save)
File Size: 8.5KB
OS: Windows XP
Type: Console
Description: 3GPP TS 23.003 defines IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) as TAC(8 digits) + SNR (6 digits) + spare (1 digit), and the IMEI (14 digits) is complemented by a check digit (CD).
For IMEI CD checking, a simple console AP has been written.
Usage: As the instruction on the console window, please key in 14 digits IMEI, and the checking digit will be provided.


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ce logiciel gratuit peut calculer le check code d'IMEI.